Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Late Night Incontinence

Well it's a little after 1 o'clock in the morning. I have not gone to bed yet which is pretty normal for me. I tried to go to the bathroom about an hour ago and was unable to. This happens to me sometimes a couple of times a day or maybe as little as once a week. My doctor (urologist) has told me it is because my bladder muscles are weakening. It is very frustrating for me when this happens because if I cannot urinate it causes me a lot of pain. When there's urine in my bladder it irritates my bladder so not being able to get it out just causes me more irritation and pain. On top of the pain there is this constant urgency to have to go to the bathroom.

I also started my period yesterday. This causes my bladder to begin to flare. When I have my period though it's a different type of flare. It is a much deeper and more sharper pain than my other flare ups that I have. I can tell when I am on my period my urethra especially hurts. It feels like there are deep cuts in it like someone is poking me with needles. My back is really hurting me right now as well. This is not just because of my period. I get this symptom all the time as a side effect from the IC.

I hope I can go to the bathroom soon because if not I'll have to wake Rich up to help me cath myself. I can't stand holding it in much longer and I'm starting to have bad spasms because of this. I can't fall asleep until I relieve myself one way or the other. It's kind of a vicious cycle because once I finally fall asleep I get up all night to go to the bathroom. It's really not fun.

Ok well I hope to get some sleep. I just want to thank everyone that has read our blog so far. We have really been encouraged by so many of you. To be honest we had no idea if anyone would even be reading our posts. lol We just hope to show other IC'ers you aren't alone and to bring awareness to everyone else.

Goodnight. <3


Shelly said...

Hello, I am also a sufferer of IC I just wanted to thank you for this blog and to tell you I relate specially about our monthly. I am gonna ask my urologist what he thinks about depro-provera ( the needle for Birth control) if I get that would that stop my period which ends that flare. which is always the worst flare. I also have a blog if you want to follow it you can.

stringsofme said...

Hi Shelly. I'm glad we are able to relate. I am now following your blog. Hang in there and know you are not alone. <3

Kim said...

Hey, I think its really gr8 that ur going to do this. R u blogging daily, weekly or just whenever u can? I will be following along as much as poss. I have some similar issues as u but I am able to cath myself with a straight cath. Today for me, the pain is moderate (thank God!). Burning is something I cant tolerate the most? Sounds weird cause u would think it would be the pain part but that stinging feeling is that u cant touch or do anything to make it stop its the worst of everything we have to deal with everyday. Thanks to my doctor and these new lidocaine urogel syringes I get some instant relief as long as I don't run out like I am presently and I am waiting for the place to mail them, so annoying! Well, I might have to blog? Seems like it may be therapeutic! As always, hope u n I have a better tomorrow!

life turned upside down said...

I read your blog and have found it helpful. I feel like I am closed off from the world. I write on my own blog but it is nice to read what other people are going through. Makes me feel like someone really does know my pain.

SWC said...

Hi -I'd also like to thank you for this blog. I am in Canada and I feel pretty isolated. I have so many questions about IC. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, I've never had an internal bladder exam and seen a uro-gynecologist only twice for a total of about 15 minutes. My GP I find is uninterested and never asks about my symptoms. I feel very alone. I do not take Elemeron which was the only treatment recommended. I take Desert Harvest Aloe -which to me does what Elemeron is supposed to do but with no side effects. My symptoms are mainly pain and now presciently a bit of incontinence. I have no idea if my IC will or can get worse. My symptoms are also worse during my cycle. So many questions, so few specialists or people in Canad who know anything about this at all.

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